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It really does not matter what profession you are in there is always a need for tactical gear. You can use tactical gear for many purposes outside of their intended purpose for the same result. You are buying a rugged, durable, quality product that will not let you down even in extreme circumstances. Tactical gear is what the military, police forces, special forces, SWAt teams, and other emergency personelle wear around the world. Tactical gear comes in many forms but there are a few standard rules that apply when you are purchasing tactical items to complete your uniform or suit. There are also a few specific uses for this type of gear that will dictate where you buy the gear.

First, there is the military application which is one of the most common. Special forces and regular military soldiers use tactical items on a daily basis as part of their official uniform. For a soldier, your uniform is all about safety. What will keep you from dying when you struck by a enemy's bullet. What will leave you uninjured when your humvee is attached by a road side ambush. What will give you the best chance of survival in a combat situation. Military gear is always purchased through a military supplier. Many suppliers supply gear directly to soldiers but the military headquarters handles providing all of this gear to their soliders.

Second, is the police application. This is also a very common application because police forces around the world use this gear and they use it very effectively. Police forces use this gear in daily use in the form of bullet proof vests. They also use it in special applications such as a SWAT team or a special response tactical unit. It is not uncommon to use all types of gear in a police application. You will use bullet proof vests, helmets, chest protectors, glasses, face masks, pants, flak jackets, pants, and boots. All of this gear is considered tactical because it is used in a professional setting and it is intended for a tactical use.

The third and final application is recreational. Many people use tactical items to go hunting, to go backpacking or simply to enjoy the durability of its use. It is not uncommon to find this type of gear at your local Army Navy store or at most local outfitter stores. Many top outdoors brands have started carrying tactical gear because it allows them to branch out into a new market and to provide high quality apparel for their customers.
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Buying Tactical Gear

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This article was published on 2010/12/24