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Definition of gears goes as follows "It is a mechanism that is used to transmit force from one part of a machine to another". The usage of gear dates back to roman civilization. Gears find its usage in so many applications like automotive, milling, paper industries etc. It finds its application based on their usage and their attributes in different industries. Gear is a versatile component that matches every mechanical need of today's world. Gear can be found almost in every application that contains spinning parts. They are grouped as automotive gears, marine gears, instrumentation gears, mining gears etc.They are also the most prime components in some machines or automobiles.

The basics behind working of Gear is it reverses the direction of rotation thus increases or decreases the direct of rotation speed. The principle behind its working is gear reduction which is the conversions of speed into power.

Mechanical gears work together as trains that is two or more gears work together by moving in opposite direction so that their teethes interlock and drive rotation. They work together to produce torques. Generally the gears that work together are of varying sizes. This combination has three parts-drivers, driven gear and an idler. Driver is the one that starts the rotation. Driven gear is the one through which output is obtained. Idler is the one that is in intermediate and helps for the transfer of speed from one gear to the other. They rotate in opposite directions. The rotation is driven by the interlocking teethes. The performance of a gear can be determined by the torque produced by the gears and their output direction.

Mechanical drives are used to provide variable output speed from a constant power source. The features of mechanical geared drives are low stress, high energy efficiency, and low noise level, universal mounting etc.Hence this combination is highly preferred.

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Gears Defined In Brief

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This article was published on 2010/03/26