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Very long time, in many parts of the development there is a tendency to consciously or unconsciously, that is: technology-oriented, blind item, or one-sided pursuit of finer line width as possible, while ignoring the development of the market the industry's most important elements. From 1981 to 1985 period, China has introduced 33 Gear Pump production line, launched many projects to swarm, the introduction of the device is not only the introduction of technology, communications line varieties has been largely out of the market, do not meet market demand. Part of the production line equipment obsolete, not complete, reach design capacity. Coupled with lack of project funds, enterprise gear pump Management Poor, lack of absorption capacity and other reasons, most projects to nothing. Up to now, the domestic market capacity of gear pumps roughly 4.5 million or so.

2008, China's total output of gear pump roughly 3.7 million in 2009 to 2.6 million monthly 1-8. From the marketing point of view, the industry's sales are relatively balanced.

As our country on the gear pump Machinery Industry The important position of familiar late, long-term lack of investment, leading the entire industry based on poor, weak economic foundation and strength of the weak. Extraordinary, with the host country raise the level, gear pumps behind the host bottlenecks become more prominent. In recent years, although the introduction of technology, technological innovation, scientific research and development, our country has given some support, but with the current level of market demand and overseas, there remains no small gap, in particular in: less product variety, low level quality of instability, early failure rate, poor reliability. My gear pump at the following points should be improved and strengthened.

1, strengthen the technical inputs Basis as our poor, weak economic foundation, science and technology into a small, developing weak, can not adapt to the host introduce the industry, joint ventures, Cooperation And rapid development, leading to gear pump down the domestic market share. Therefore, the Chinese enterprises and relevant departments gear pump gear pump technology should increase research investment.

2, countries lack the gear pump industry strong policy support
Although the state industrial policy, the clear focus on support for important gear pumps, but the lack of appropriate supporting policies, such as Mold The industry tax burden too heavy to enjoy some of the return of value-added tax of enterprises, fewer than 100, too narrow, limited, also need policies to support.

Therefore, in order to improve our gear pump product competitiveness in the market to better meet our Machinery Industry on the basis of pieces of supporting domestic demand, basic parts industry in China is expected to face further adjustments to integrate advantageous resources and eliminate backward enterprises. In the next 5 to 10 years, the industry will be in the development of branded products and brand-name enterprises, technical innovation, improve competitiveness and strengthen domestic and international markets such as intensive management and strive to attain greater progress and breakthroughs.

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How To Better Develop Our Gear Pump Industry - Gears, Gear Pumps, Metal - Metal Industry

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How To Better Develop Our Gear Pump Industry - Gears, Gear Pumps, Metal - Metal Industry

This article was published on 2011/01/06