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You must have seen gears anywhere in your life. Right from your watches to your car, everywhere gears are being used in one form or the other. Just having seen gears all through our lives isn't it interesting to find out how its being manufactured? Well, you can find the same here. Let's start with the processes that are involved in the gear manufacturing.

The most common materials that are used for the manufacturing of gears are steel, copper, brass and other alloys of these metals. There are various ways in which the gears can be machined. Some of the cutting and finishing processes are highlighted here.

Gear cutting processes:

- Broaching - this is the process where a special item called broach is used to machine the gear. Broach is a rod with a handle and teeth that are larger near the handle and reduces further near the opposite end. This is used for finer finishing normally used to create circular or non circular holes and other odd shapes.

- Hobbing - here a special tool called a hob is used to machine the gear. This is most widely used in the manufacturing of spur and helical gears as this is inexpensive and relatively quick compared to other forming processes.

- Shaping

- Lapping - this is a machining process in which two surfaces are rubbed together with an abrasive in between. This can be achieved by either hand movement or by machine

- Milling - this is machining process which is similar to drilling that has a spindle which holds a metal that drills the workpiece as required.

Some of the gear finishing processes are:

- Grinding - is a machining process which uses an abrasive wheel to cut the workpiece. Grains on the abrasive helps in producing a finer workpiece.

- Honing - is done by a machine tool called as hone that is used to manufacture bores with a finer geometry.

- Shaving

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More About Gear Manufacturing

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This article was published on 2010/03/26